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Paris Fashion Week: New Shapes, Fabrics And More At Lanvin, Dior, Chalayan And Isabel Marant For Spring 2014

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Since breaking out her lilywhite Hannah Montana shell back in 2011, the 20-year-old star has undertaken a transformation. Gone are the days of flow-y Marchesa red carpet gowns, here to stay are crop tops, crop tops and more crop tops. There?s also plenty of Marc Jacobs, a designer who was partly responsible for anointing her as the latest thing by dressing her often. The singer?s nineties-tastic wardrobe couldn?t have come at a better time, with every runway from New York to Paris heating up with grunge-meets-club kid looks, Miley Cyrus style.

Stephanie LaCava mesmerized us in an off-the-shoulder emerald green dress, while another stopped us in our tracks in a head to toe bright red ensemble. But really bringing single hue outfits to a whole new level are street stylers who mixed different prints and textures (like a leopard print jacket and patent leather skirt or a striped cropped jacket and polka dot shirt) to make monochromatic ensembles that much more chic. And what?s fashion week without the perfect stylish partner in crime to really complete your outfit. While Caroline Issa and Yasmin Sewell looked quite the darling pair in sleeveless dresses and metallic pumps, we spotted three good jaket korea online looking duos out and about the streets of Paris. We?re softies when see couples go matchy-matchy in the same shade, but there is something about matching in subtle ways like a pair of his-and-her holographic shoes or the same pop of purple on a lady?s bag and a gent?s tie to really keep fashion interesting.

I had the same issue at Hussein Chalayan with velourish-looking towel dresses, and molded gowns that were fuzzy at the bodice but melded into a smooth surface everywhere else. On the other hand, Isabel Marant?s materials were a no-brainer. There were miles of ruffled cotton for peasant tops and zippered jackets with flouncy shoulders; frayed cotton denims with raised diamond patterns, and lace mini-dresses and bra tops. Where Marant?s collection had a natural, earthy realness almost everything Elbaz did shimmered and gleamed in the most unnatural way. Paris is in the throws of a passionate love affair with reflective fabrics. One of my favourite Paris Fashion Week pastimes is watching the Showstudio live panel discussions.

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