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Let The Sun Shine In: Balenciaga Spring 2014

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Boy, was it fabulous. In lieu of his usual gothic, lanky models, out came an army of stout, mostly black women. With angry pouts, they hit their chests the way a warrior would before entering a battle. They descended the giant scaffolding like automated soldiers, some wearing headscarves that bordered on the religious and heightened the mystical, ritualistic atmosphere.

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For spring, his second outing at the house since the departure of Nicolas Ghesquière, who took Balenciga to the bleeding edge of design, Wang let the light in ? literally and figuratively. Early this morning, in the grand Observatoire de Paris, the ceiling was pulled back to allow an ocean of sunlight to drench the runway and his equally sunny collection. The show opened with structured skirt suits in tightly woven leather, a nod to Cristóbal Balenciaga, followed by sporty running shorts and tanks, a signature of Wang's. With the fusion of the two designers thus forged, the rest of collection played out on perfectly pretty and safe terms. Models bounded down the bright runway in a range of happy sundresses, short shorts, tennis whites, midriff-exposing tops, transparent overlays, flower prints, and lace.

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