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Meredith Melling Burke & Valerie Boster Leaving Vogue For New Venture

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Ok, so it's official, she's dating Liam Hemsworth. Let this thread begin! :flower: (Pacificoastn)

Oh, wait, Boster's involved, interested! Quote: Meredith Melling Burke Exiting Vogue EXITING VOGUE : Meredith Melling Burke is one of Vogue’s most visible editors, a fixture on television and always game to offer a quote to the occasional New York Times Styles piece. The senior market editor was just on NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday morning plugging a budget style guide on the magazine's Web site. “What we’ve done is we’ve taken the aspirational fashion from the pages of Vogue and made it totally accessible,” she said. But the appearance was one of her last in the service of Vogue, the magazine that’s employed her since 1997.

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